Heaven’s Hands

by | May 27, 2014 | Deliverance, Faith, Family, Forgiveness, Intimacy, Love, Marriage, Mercy | 0 comments

You are about to deal with a difficult person –
again. You feel exhausted and wish this
situation would go away. The investment
you have made of time and energy has brought no visible return of their love and
respect. This has brought you to the
brink of your emotional endurance. Be careful.
This is a turning point, not for them, but for you. 

You have limited yourself to only a few options.  You could strike out, but the greatest wound
would not take place in this difficult person – it would take place in your own
soul.  You can try to manipulate them by
holding on to them and demanding they make the right decision.  This will not work either because holding on to
them will only create a relationship where you and this person would share a
common set of shackles. 

God has another plan that is not yet visible. Wait
and let the hands of God reach into your hands like hands slipping into a pair
of gloves.  Let His presence upon you
make the first contact with this person. 
If you allow His compassion to fill your hands they will become gloves
of mercy. This is where the miracle you desire will be made possible.


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