Hell’s Card Dealer

by | Jul 14, 2020 | Death, Deliverance, Discernment, Future, Hope | 0 comments

The Devil loves this time in our history. He and his troop of dark spirits are walking through our culture with decks of cards in their hands. Instead of traditional playing cards, these cards have images of disasters, conspiracies, and dark outcomes that are tailormade for our unresolved fears.

In gambling circles, there is a saying, “the house always wins.” The same is true in spiritual matters. The house we allow to deal our cards will always determine how we interpret life.

Today, check the cards in your hand.  The cards you hold have been given to you based on your faith or the lack of it. That is the hand you will play in your mind, at your family gatherings, and with your friends. It will also be the hand you bet your life resources on. It is a costly bet.

For some, it is time to fold and get a new hand – a hand of hope. That is not a naïve hand that ignores what is taking place in the world. It is a hand that sees Heaven being released on Earth and trusts the supernatural ability of God’s love to turn the negative course of human history toward goodness. That is a hand you can go all-in on because it is backed by the heart of God. Nothing else is worth playing. In the end, a hand of hope always wins.


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