Hijacking the Prophetic Voice

by | Aug 28, 2018 | Five-fold, Freedom, Gifts, Holy Spirit, Kingdom of God, Prophecy, Spiritual Warfare, Teaching, Wisdom | 0 comments

Of all the gifts of the Spirit, the gift of prophecy has the ability to be hijacked more easily than other gifts. When an audience is pursued by a prophet at some point a temptation will be offered for them to use the same intriguing sources of information the world systems use in an attempt to increase the audience for their voice. Intrigue and mystery sell, but they are not revelation. 

Prominent prophetic voices are in the greatest jeopardy of this hijacking because the sound of their voice can only be consumed by a narrow, and increasingly crowded market share. The narrower the market the more strident their voice must become to be heard in a crowded field of ministry. As a result, conspiracy theories and bizarre interpretations of spiritual reality become the product of their prophetic ministry. At that point, the Kingdom impact of their voice is compromised.

Prophecy grows most powerfully in the seedbed of discernment. Plant well, focus on an audience of One, and you will reap the fruit of prophetic wisdom.


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