You made a righteous decision and instead of being honored
you were hung out to dry. All of a sudden you find yourself in a place of
relational isolation. The outcome of this situation looks like someone attached
a clothes hanger to your shoulders and hung you on an outdoor clothesline
reserved for outcasts.

Because you came to realize the group no longer had anything
you desired, at that point, you were redefined as a threat and became dangerous
to the unhealthy spirit of control exerted by the leaders. You became a threat
because you could no longer be owned and controlled.

You have actually been set free. At this point, it doesn’t
feel like freedom because it still hurts, but that will soon change. It is time
to start thanking God for what happened. You are no longer living under the
control of those who rejected you, but make sure to check the condition of your
heart. Your future depends on keeping your heart free from paybacks and revenge.
Forgive those who rejected you and as far as it is possible, be at peace with
all people. 

Shake yourself loose from your hanger assignment and fall
into a place of freedom. Look up at the
other people still hanging on the clothesline that were also tossed out and now hang
in motionless disappointment and sorrow. Start pulling them down with words of
hope and the possibility of a new start. These are the ones God will use to join
with you to help you accomplish the vision you carried that was rejected
and caused you and the others to be hung out to dry. This is a good day!

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  1. VioletRose

    Wow – describes my situation accurately right now


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