A friend of mine, Keith Jenkins, shared a story on his Facebook wall that was so poignant it arrested my heart and my emotions. Fifty-eight years ago today, a little black girl named Ruby Bridges was escorted into a segregated school by federal marshals. Her beautiful and innocent presence was not welcomed by a vile crowd of protesters who hurled insults and projectiles at her as she walked forward with great courage into her destiny. Her small and vulnerable stature needed others to protect her from an evil and unrestrained hatred based only on the color of her skin. A new teacher at the school, Barbara Henry, welcomed this fragile yet powerful little human being with open arms teaching her in isolation when others openly shunned her presence.

If you desire to be on the side of Heaven’s redemptive history, stand with those who are not able to fully represent themselves in a world that many times can be so divisive and hate-filled. This is the truest essence of a prophetic heart that expresses the love of God. Jesus came to stand with those who feel alone and without an advocate. 

Jesus always made a place for the rejected and the demeaned. He spoke hope to their wounded hearts and stood between them and their accusers. Because this was the ministry of Jesus, it is also our ministry. You can always discover where Jesus is at work. Just follow the sound of Heaven that says, “I am here to protect you.” Move toward that sound and reproduce its hope. That is your place of calling.


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