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In the last few months, I have been seeing images of courage being played out in my spirit. Each of these acts of courage carried a cost and consequence.

I SAW a young woman standing on the starting blocks of a swim race. She had trained all her life for this moment. Also in the lineup was a boy who believed the lie of transgenderism and was now identifying as a girl. He was being allowed to compete as a girl. As the ready command was given all the swimmers bent forward waiting for the gun to fire signaling the start of the race. At the start signal, all the swimmers leaped forward into the water except for the lone girl who slowly rose to an upright posture bowing her head as she extended her right arm upward in a clenched fist of protest. Her single act of self-sacrifice released the momentum required to retreat from decisions made in absurdity.

I SAW a single police officer choosing to not follow an unjust order. The officer refused to overpower fellow citizens at the whim and demand of a rogue political figure. The other officers saw what was taking place and decided not to obey the order knowing to do so would violate their oath to protect and serve the community and uphold the Constitution.

I SAW a single politician who carried great respect within their party rising to speak in a televised broadcast. The words they spoke were contrary to the prepared message of their party that was now scrolling lifelessly on the teleprompter screen. Instead of speaking in robotic obedience to a prepared script, the politician spoke the kind of courageous words that were commonplace when our nation was being founded while still living under the threats of their British overlords.

I SAW the leader of a significant Church movement publicly repent for demanding their members succumb to the bondage of a political spirit, instead of the freedom of God’s Spirit. A revival of repentance was sparked by that single courageous act and a movement-wide transformation took place.

Each of these images revealed a single reality. We cannot wait for someone else to take a courageous first step and do the right thing. We are living in days akin to the time when David defeated Goliath. David chose to walk away from the crowd of fearful and compliant onlookers and did the right thing and that choice changed the course of history.


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