IKEA, Marriage and Deliverance

by | Apr 10, 2017 | Freedom, Love, Marriage | 0 comments

This weekend, as Jan and I walked through IKEA in Portland, Oregon, I realized there is something called the IKEA stroll. It requires a less than half speed walk that makes you feel like you stepped into some weird sci-fi movie set where actors are moving slowly through an invisible molasses-like substance their heads continuously turning side-to-side in a swiveling turret-like motion trying to take in all that’s being offered. 

Jan has this stroll down. She was actually smiling in an IKEA induced trance as she reached out and plucked prize after prize from the fashionable displays shelves placing one after another into our overflowing push cart. It must be a particular gift God gave to women because as a man I know for sure I was not given the strength of character required to endure IKEA for more than two hours. 

Finally, in an act of mercy, Jan looked at me and seeing my managed state of distress said, “It looks like we are done.” I love a woman who walks in supernatural revelation.


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