In Remembrance

by | Oct 10, 2021 | Prophetic | 1 comment

It is a rare day that Jan and I would not receive communion together. For us, it has become an important part of our shared spiritual experience. We believe receiving communion is not just a formal liturgy done out of obligation. It is taking in the essence of the Lord’s life and when received in faith releases something supernatural. In the Lord’s instruction regarding communion, a single word sticks out to me. It is “remembrance.” The Lord said, “Do this in remembrance of me.” 

The great man of faith, Smith Wigglesworth, thought taking communion was so important that he set up the elements at his bedside so that each morning before getting out of bed he could receive communion. 

Many believers cannot remember the last time they received communion. As a result of such infrequency, a loss of remembering takes place. In the absence of a frequent remembrance, our minds become filled with a myriad of issues that want to overcome our faith and introduce fear and despair. In the act of communion, we call to remembrance that the Lord is present with us in all that transpires in this life. Remembering that truth with regularity changes everything.  

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  1. James Moyer

    Having worked as a plumber in the ancient leaky plumbing systems in London, Smith Wigglesworth must have had an appreciation far beyond others of the continual need for renewal, and therefore appreciated the remembering through common union with Jesus. Daily manna is a clear example of the need for fresh nourishment every day. Like manna, it appears the Lord’s righteousness cannot be stored up but needs to be flowing continually as living waters into us and through us.


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