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The phrase, “Unless you have been living in a cave…”, has been used to define someone who doesn’t see the larger issues taking place outside their narrow field of view of reality from within the cave of their perception. 

I was once told a Chinese proverb that describes a person living in a cave who from within the depths of the cave looked out to only see what was narrowly revealed in front of them. Their narrow view from within the cave kept them uninformed of a larger understanding. 

Some of us are choosing to walk from the depths of our caves to the entrance knowing something was amiss in our previous understanding wanting to see what we have been told to ignore. The closer we got to the entrance the more we began to see an emerging image of something much larger. What we are seeing is the exposure of evil and corruption that’s harming us and crippling the nation where we live. This is not new and should not surprise any of us. It has always happened in human history. It is only surprising to those who thought their view from the cave was the totality of reality.

Relating to life from a narrow view of reality sets up what is called a doom loop. A doom loop is a set of circumstances that describe a situation where one negative action or factor triggers another, which in turn triggers yet another to worsen the situation. This continuing and uninterrupted cycle of doom continues to repeat itself leading to greater manifestations of hopelessness. From within the cave , we are not able to see the full impact of these repeating doom loops.

The national debt of the United States is at 32+ trillion dollars and climbing. It is now so deep into a doom loop it will be impossible to remedy or recover from. The merging of our two compromised political parties has created a uni-party used for personal gain offered by the influence of a military, industrial, and pharmaceutical complex. 

Into these doom loops, the Church has been called to speak the truth in love, a truth that can get one censored, mocked, or worse. The devil is the purveyor of all doom loops. He is a destroyer. The visible players we see creating these doom loops are the tools in the hands of hell.

Our battle is first and foremost in the heavenlies through prayer, but never at the expense of calling out the evil we see taking place once we leave the depths of our cave. It was from the mouth of a cave where the Lord gave Elijah his instructions amidst all the clamor and noise of his culture. The Lord’s still small voice would provide the way forward for Elijah once he left his cave. The same applies to us.

The Lord is calling the Church to step from within the depths of our isolated caves to see and discern what is happening outside the cave where people have been taken captive by the lies that are currently creating doom loops in politics, medicine, economics, and science. The truth expressed in the redemptive love of God has the power to interrupt these doom loops by offering truth and hope only found in Jesus Christ.


  1. jamie

    lol Garris you have a comical typo…

    “Relating to life in a narrow view of reality sets up what is called a doom **poop**”

    Hugs 🙂

  2. Diana Lynn Katona

    One of these Doom loops is the light and confusion that a person people are not accepted and loved as they are so they get all this pastic surgery and silicone so that they can have attention and be accepted and they have lost their identity I pray so much for these people that they encounter the love of Jesus and recover their identity in him

  3. Diane Christiansen

    I am encouraged that a few pastors (like you) are seeing what’s going on in the world and speaking up. I am astonished at how many Christians are stuck in their little caves, unaware and / or unwilling to “come to the door of their caves and look out” at the BIG picture of truth vs lies. It’s possible to see/know the big evil picture of the world and also follow Jesus through the mess. We HAVE to, if we want to live in a world where darkness is conquered by light.

    Also, recent research shows that it appears Trump already paid off our national debt, with NESARA / GESARA already beginning in some countries. 🙂 Its very exciting!

    Thank you for your daily writings. Your perspective is interesting and encouraging.


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