Invisible Doorways

by | Jun 6, 2014 | Destiny, Faith, Future, Transition | 0 comments

The way forward you seek is through a doorway that will remain invisible until you step across its threshold in faith. Many have stalled at this point in their journey because they demanded to see the doorway before they were willing to step forward.

What you need to see is not visible in this realm of natural options and solutions. Seeing with natural eyes will only cause you to stumble and stall. The way forward will appear like a step into nothing, but it will become a step into something wild and beautiful.

As you step forward you will be responding to a voice. Listen for the voice – this is your doorway. The one who said, “I am the Door” is the voice inviting you to step forward. Once you cross this threshold and enter this doorway you will see what was not previously visible in your current circumstance.


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