It Matters

by | Nov 21, 2020 | Prophetic | 1 comment

I’ve noticed a sad trend. The deeper we get into this pandemic lockdown and election cycle, the easier it becomes for some to resort to name-calling, negative characterization, and in some cases, celebrating the illness or misfortune of someone they dislike. In some circles, it is the material of comedy routines or trying to give the illusion of being hip and with it intellectually.

What if every ill wish, judgment, or sick joy we expressed at the misfortune of someone we dislike were to come back on us – immediately? I think we would pause and evaluate the content of our displeasure. Well, those things do come back on us, maybe not in the same form in which they were issued, but they do come back. They come back to infect our soul, sometimes in subtle ways unrecognizable to us but vividly apparent to those who watch us interact with people and groups with opposing worldviews.

Perhaps one positive outcome from this unusual time in history is the gift of exposure. This exposure is not related to those we deem worthy of our condemnation, ridicule, or anger because they hold an opposing perspective, but for us. When we get thin emotionally, our character’s substance is revealed. It presents itself in raw form, either in an honoring or dishonoring display. Calling it “like it is” has been used for far too long to permit unbridled tongues and hardened hearts to have their way. We are meant for something better. Choose wisely. It matters.

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  1. Opa

    Thank you for that. Reign myself in and keep me in line.
    Easy to forget we reap what we sow. Thank you for the kind reminder.


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