It’s Time To Plan Your Escape

by | Jun 28, 2021 | Prophetic | 1 comment

This morning, I began to hear in my mind the soundtrack from the Sound of Music. It took me back to those times when Jan and I would visit Salzburg, Austria. On our visit, we toured the von Trapp family estate and saw firsthand the magical setting of the movie as we walked the cobblestone streets of Salzburg. When I opened my laptop a few moments after hearing the soundtrack, a notice appeared in my news feed regarding the movie. After receiving two references about The Sound of Music within just a few minutes, I had to pause and ask the Lord, “Is there something you want to say?”  He did.

The Sound of Music was an iconic musical and movie. Julie Andrews singing atop the mountains outside Salzburg, Austria is a familiar image to moviegoers. The best part of the movie to me as a teenager watching the movie for the first time was the family’s escape from the Nazis during their last performance in Austria.

The escape scene took place as the von Trapp family sang “So Long, Farwell” during an evening performance before a packed audience including the Nazi soldiers who were getting ready to force the enlistment of the father of the family into the military. Wanting freedom over a life of bondage, the father planned to have the family escape as part of their act. The entire family exited the stage in small groups as the music played. The Nazi military sitting in the audience had no idea what was happening until it was too late. 

Some of you are being held in relationships from which the Lord wants you to escape. Your escape might be from a controlling relationship, group, or commitment. At first. you thought nothing of these situations, but now you see how unhealthy further connection will be for your emotional and spiritual health. In a few of these situations, your plan of escape will include others who also want freedom but don’t know to create their own exit plan.

There is a risk in your departure, so you need to plan wisely and execute the timing of your departure with the precision of the von Trapp family. Just as the father in the movie faithfully led his family to safety, so it will be with you as the Lord leads you away from bondage and control to your place of freedom and joy.

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  1. Caroline

    This is my well-timed confirmation. Thank God. Prayers appreciated. I can do nothing without God.


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