It’s Time To Stop Saying That!

by | Jan 3, 2018 | Discipline, Humility, Promise, Revelation, Teaching, Truth, Wisdom | 0 comments

God is vast and beyond our ability to fully comprehend and so are all the things He plans to do in the coming year. He is the God of surprises, and we should not be surprised by that fact.

At this time of year, many of us will offer a word saying, “This is what God plans to do in 2018”. While I appreciate our desire to know His will and declare its possibility, to be honest, no single comment or prophetic word will every fully define the totality of what God will accomplish in any given year.

With the previous paragraph as my disclaimer, I want to share something I just heard from the Lord. I offer it amidst the abundance of prophetic words swirling around in the Church each year in early January.

As Jan and I watched one of the cable news channels, I heard a commentator say, “Oh, that will never happen.” The person was referring to the prosecution of a politician some people feel should be indicted for certain crimes. When I heard the news commentator’s words, the Lord said, “This year nothing should be labeled as never happening.”

This issue is larger than a politician and their legal and moral shenanigans. If you have assigned the label to something as never happening, God is about to surprise you. Whether you like him or not, a lot of people thought Donald Trump would never be elected as President of the United States. Others thought the Stock Market would never crest the 10,000 mark. Parents have believed the lie that told them their wandering child was beyond hope and would never return. The list of “never happening” goes on and on covering all aspects of life.

Go back and recover any words you spoke referring to anything as, “Oh, that will never happen.” Humbly approach God and tell Him how sorry you were for parroting a lie. We serve a supernatural God who can do anything He desires, even something that completely and absolutely contradicts the wisdom of the talking heads in the news or the narrow-minded interpretation of God’s word by the most famous of theologians. We need to return to possibility thinking, not impossibility thinking. The former is where God does His most exceptional work.


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