“Just do what’s in the Book” by Garris Elkins

by | Nov 17, 2013 | Gifts, Healing, Holy Spirit, Miracles, Revival | 1 comment

Many years ago, I heard John Wimber say to our Foursquare Convention at Angelus Temple, “Just go back and do what’s in the Book.” That single sentence changed everything for Jan and me. We returned to our church in Montana and the Spirit fell – not because we changed our worship songs or restructured the Church. The restoration and supernatural healings released in that season took place because we brought home a new measure of faith in Jesus that He is the same yesterday, today and forever – still doing what “is in the Book” if we will simply believe.

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  1. Benjamin Hoogterp

    I think that quote and explanation captures what I have been sensing in growing measure for some time… I recently wrote a few comments in response to a video that was advocating restructuring the church, doing this and that… I realized how much I used to think about that.. But, the only place I could come back to was that if the river is there, it forms its own bed.. Rolland Baker likes to say church is what we do until God shows up.. This is the other side of that whole thing… New, fresh faith on the words we have believed.. Its not some new thing or all that, it's just the renewed faith, like was said, the faith in the very same words "in the book".. That right there is probably the best closing of a chapter in something in God there has been in my life. Thank you.


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