I saw a person who finally had enough of the dark harassment that had been coming against them because of past mistakes. In a moment of Spirit-led courage they boldly declared the truth that God loved them even in the face of their obvious personal failure. I saw them put their foot down against the flood of unrighteous judgment that had been laid against them by people who didn’t know the true condition of their heart.  

In that moment of revelation and determination the threatening gang of lies took a direct hit. In fact, after the dust settled from the explosion, all around the person was scattered the fragments of those lies and judgments. Their remains resembled the dismembered body parts of lifeless mannequins.  

If this is you, as you walk out of the debris field let it be a reminder when future engagements with darkness come. You have a part to play in your own freedom. You can no longer allow hell to craft your reality and harass you into believing a lie about yourself or God. You are the one tasked with these acts of resistance. Resist!  

Your identity in Christ is not just a religious theory it is a weapon you can wield with great confidence and effect the next time a gang of judgment and condemnation appears to wreak havoc in your spiritual neighborhood.


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