Kingdom Business Plans

by | Mar 23, 2015 | Apostle, Deliverance, Dreams, Favor, Fear, Gifts, Kingdom, Obedience, Peace, Revelation | 0 comments

This morning, I sensed a word from the Lord that contained the urgency of timing for those of you in business.   As one of the 7 Mountains of Culture, business is a very impactful influence in our lives. If you aren’t the one who works in business, but have friends who do, share the following word with them. The timing of this word is important. New products and services are about to be released.  God is ready to amaze us with His creative potential, but adjustments must first be made in order for that release to take place.

Some of you are about to make a decision that needs to be reordered.  Do not lay your business plan over the product or service you are developing.  Retrieve your current business plan and recall the initial word the Lord gave you about how all of this was to develop. That word has been misplaced in the process and excitement of product development. Lay that original word over your current business plan and adjust the plan to fit the word.  The word, not the plan, has the power to launch your product for greater Kingdom impact. This decision will have its greatest effect in the personnel team you are about to assemble to make your product a reality.


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