Jan and I just returned from an outstanding time at the Leader’s Advance at Bethel Church in Redding, California. Whenever I am in an environment where apostolic vision is partnering with God at the leading edge of revelation, revival, and reformation, I return home challenged to step deeper into my own faith and discover a new word and a new assignment for a new season.

On the drive home from Redding, Jan and I were talking about dreaming. As we processed dreams and vision, I realized in my own life and possibly in yours, that many times our ability to dream with God is pushed aside by a survival mentality. For example, one person tries to survive danger in this life by always being on alert to the threats around them. Another person is consumed with the daily tasks of life just trying to survive another day. Other people move through life in tunnel vision to a life-plan that demands slavish obedience thinking that is the dream. Whatever survival mode we embrace, it will push the pause button on our ability to dream.

Jan said something profound to me as we were talking about dreaming. She said we stop dreaming when are not at rest. In the scenarios I mentioned above, each one robs a person of the ability to rest in God. Rest is the place where dreams are birthed and vision is cast. When we are always trying to survive, rest is not possible. Without being at rest we can miss the words and imagery of a dream because the words and images of a survival mentality are occupying our mind.

Today, ask yourself if you are truly at rest. I have a few places in my life where I am not fully at rest. I need to make an exchange. In those places, God wants me to exchange my survival mentality for a dreamer mentality. In the places where you are willing to make this exchange with God, He will begin to birth dreams in your heart if you will simply trust Him with all that you have been attempting to manage in your own strength and understanding. If you can make that exchange, the dreams will begin to flow once again.


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