The oil crisis of the early 1970’s and the resulting gas shortage was not a fun time in the United States. Long lines at gas stations appeared, and rationing had become part of our daily life.  The speed limit on the freeways was reduced to 55 mph to conserve fuel.

A cop buddy of mine had just purchased a brand new Porsche 911. We had a continuing education class to attend in Sacramento, so he offered to drive. I hopped in the right seat and off we went. After a week of classes, we headed home. About halfway back to San Jose, my friend asked if I wanted to drive the Porsche. I said yes so he pulled over and I got in the driver’s seat.

I slipped the 911 into first gear and begin to accelerate to enter the traffic flow. The power and acceleration were unbelievable. I wasn’t really pushing the car, but I got on it a bit and just hit second when I looked down at the speedometer reading 55 mph. I immediately pulled the Porsche over to the side of the road after less than a mile. My friend asked, “What’s wrong?”  I said, “It’s not right to drive this kind of car this slowly.” We changed seats while laughing and continued the ride back home. The thought of limiting an automotive work of art to 55 mph was just not right.

As I reflect on this story, I thought of some of us who drive our faith at the equivalent of 55 mph. We have been given a faith that moves faster than the speed of light yet we settle for the speed of human logic and reasoning.  As 2018 approaches, open up the throttle of your faith and let it rip. You will never outpace God or the provision needed to make your dream a reality.


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