Letting Go

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Letting go will be harder than you think. Start letting go today, no matter how far in the future your transition may be. 

In our grasping at life, we are trying to find a sense of security. Our grasping says: “As long as I can hold onto this present situation or relationship, I will be secure.” This kind of security is an illusion. Nothing in this life is secure. The only secure things are what we place in the hands of God. 

Letting go is not just a physical act—it is an emotional and spiritual one. This release must begin long before the date of your transition is a reality. Walk through all the phases of your coming transition with an open hand, grasping at nothing. 

In our first major life transition, my wife, Jan, and I made plans to sell our dream home. Jan loved our home. During this time of transition, she would walk by the special kitchen sink and custom fireplace and release these items. She did this with our personal possessions and with our close friends we would soon leave. She did this for two years. In the end, when it came time to sell our home, Jan was free to move forward and not look back in regret. She never felt a sense of loss. 

Try to disassemble this transition into its various parts and let go of one part at a time until there is nothing left for you to grasp. You want to approach the day of your transition empty-handed. 

What part of your plan can you begin to let go of today? 

(An excerpt from the book, A Good Place.) 


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