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Much of the terror we see playing out in people’s lives today and the resulting panic they express is because truth is invading places of deception. The Lord said to the Israelites, that He would drive out their enemies little by little “until your population has increased enough to take possession of the land” (Exodus 23:30).  The battles being fought today are about the conflict of belief taking place within human hearts. Human hearts are the Lord’s possession.

The increasing population of believers in the systems of the world is creating the same terror and panic today just as it was thousands of years ago when Exodus 23 was happening. The terror and panic are the result of repopulating places of error with truth. What we see happening in the world is a territorial battle, one already decided in Jesus Christ, but now needing to be worked out in the personal lives of individuals.

These battles are being fought on the stage of the current global conflict, one heart at a time. In the future, we will reach a point when God declares all the nations have heard His truth. Then and only then will there be peace on Earth. 


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