Living in the Eye of the Storm

by | Sep 14, 2017 | Change, Courage, Deliverance, Freedom, Holy Spirit, Spiritual Warfare, Trust | 0 comments

You are about to make a life-altering decision. Be careful. Surrounding you is a hurricane of emotion spinning at a dizzying speed. The presence of this storm can affect the wisdom of your decision-making.God has put you in the eye of the storm for your safety. He is asking you to slow down and move only when He moves. If you rush ahead you will press through the eye wall of this protected place and enter the violence and destruction of the storm. Slow down and reset the pace of your life and your emotions to align with the direction of God’s Spirit.  

This storm is about to hit spiritual landfall where it will begin to dissipate. When this happens the storm will dissolve around you. When the dust and debris finally settles, you will find yourself at a new destination – a place that was impossible to find on your own.  

This is a time for you to move forward in a patient faith – a faith that will keep you from making a hasty and unwise decision.


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