Living A Life Of Memories

by | Jun 12, 2014 | Faith, Hope, Identity, Love, Power | 0 comments

You have been living off of memories. This way of living has produced sadness in your heart. You are looking back and not looking forward. You know you need to start living life again because only by engaging and living life can you create new memories.

As you inventory your life you realize why you seem to be stuck in this place. During a very painful season you became weary and simply gave up. That is when you stopped living and began to feed off the memories of your past. The emotional nutrition from your past memories can only supply you for so long and then their provision will be depleted and you will begin to starve from a lack of hope.

Don’t throw away your memories of the past. Allow them to be reminders that you knew how to live life at one time and you can do it again. Walk out into the bright sunlight of this new day and engage whatever God brings your way. When you make this choice you will begin to experience new and wonderful things that will someday become memories themselves.


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