Living on Borrowed Time

by | Oct 10, 2018 | Death, Discipleship, Discipline, Eternity, Faith, Fear, Freedom | 0 comments

Nowhere in your life are you living on borrowed time. God will grant you all the time needed to accomplish His will. Yet, it’s not more time that will turn things around. Your turnaround will come because you serve a loving God who is faithful to perform what He has promised. Your job, while God is working things out, is to remain faithful in your place of obedience. Ultimately, it will be the Lord who will call forth a miraculous intervention on your behalf. He is the one directing the clock of your life, not your circumstance. 

Don’t buy into the mindset of living on borrowed time. It makes for a nervous faith where fear is calling the shots. Fear will have you looking at clocks and calendars instead of the Lord. Fear creates a distorted view of the nature of God. God doesn’t loan us time with a payback required like a crooked loan shark who will send a thug to break your legs when you default on your loan. 

Time has a purpose. It is the place where our faith in God’s goodness has a chance to develop and reveal our level of trust.  That is the purpose of time. In the situations of life where time seems to be pressing in on us from all sides is where we have an opportunity to discover a deeper understanding of the nature of our loving Father – the Giver of Life.  

Right now, the Spirit is hovering over your life waiting to release Heaven on Earth at the command of the Father. Stay put. Remain faithful and continue to look up. Eternity is about to invade your timeline and make all things new.


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