Standing on the Edge of Revelation

by | Feb 17, 2021 | Prophetic | 1 comment

Many times, when someone thanks me for some insight or point of wisdom I offer, if I am alone, I get down on my knees and thank the Lord. I thank Him because just moments before either writing or speaking something, what I shared was not in my mind. It was delivered by the Spirit.

I didn’t always pass the test. There were times in the past when I tried to make something happen. Those times didn’t sit well as a point of integrity and were offered to the Lord in repentance.   Today, I try to live on the vulnerable edge of revelation where if God doesn’t speak, I have nothing to say. Each day, I wait for that nudge that gives me permission to write or speak in His name. The danger we experience in a place of silence is trying to fill the quietness with filler sound in an attempt to keep things moving. This is where foolish mistakes are made in the name of the Lord.

Living at the edge of revelation is something Jesus did so very well. He only did and spoke what the Father revealed to Him. The life of Jesus was an accomplished example of what it would be like for someone to not try to make things happen, but flow with what the Father was doing and saying at the moment. All of us will be in a learning posture of this revelatory lifestyle for the rest of our days. We will always have more to learn no matter who we are or what we have done. Each day requires that we stand at the edge of nothingness and invite the Lord to speak.

The cliff edge of revelation is not a place filled with clatter, noise, and action. Those standing in that quiet and vulnerable place are waiting for something human experience, education, or common sense cannot provide. If you choose to stand there, it will feel like you are standing on a lonely cliff with nothing but silence and emptiness surrounding you. That feeling won’t last for long because that level of trust will attract the revelation of God. 

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  1. Janet sherman

    Hi and Good morning Garris,
    My husband and myself read your blogs almost every day and todays was excellent description of how the Holy Spirit reveals to us His ways.
    I enjoyed reading it and thank you for the sharing.


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