Looking Through The Veil

by | Apr 14, 2018 | Creativity, Death, Eternity, Family, Freedom, Revelation, Spirit, Worship | 0 comments

The separating veil is so thin. It is sheer and wafting before our eyes like fine gauze. If we could only imagine how thin and close it is to us – the eternal, the other side of all things as we now know them. 

They walk there with Him, our departed loved ones, our faithful and beloved pets, and a cloud of heavenly witnesses looking at our lives unfolding in time. They are smiling at us as we still wait and wonder with some concern what it will be like to take the final step. 

Maybe our perspectives have been too consumed with this life. We need to allow ourselves the opportunity to stop and stare for just a moment at the invisible veil and allow wonder to draw us through its barrier, in faith, to consider what will come. 

Stop what you are doing. Look up from this page into the open space before your eyes. Imagine what is there. Never lose the wonder of the other reality. It makes this life a poem, a living recital of hope only available to those who wonder.


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