Make Sure You Choose The Right Weapon

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Many years ago when I
was a young rookie cop, my training officer gave me some wise advice.
He said, “If they pull their fists, pull your nightstick. If they pull a
knife, pull your gun.” My training officer was telling me a cardinal
rule in life and death conflict – stay one weapon system ahead of your
assailant. His wise advice saved my life on numerous occasions.

Years later when I entered the ministry, a wise pastor gave me similaradvice for spiritual conflict. He said, “When you are in a spiritual
battle make sure you respond in the opposite spirit.” He went on to
tell me if someone hates you love them back. If someone curses you,
return a blessing. If you are dishonored, speak words of honor. His
words were familiar because they sounded a lot like the words spoken by
Jesus during the Sermon on the Mount.

I bring this up because I see a lot of warfare taking place in our
culture where well-meaning Christians are using the wrong weapons to
engage the battle. The noise of war coming from both sides in these
conflicts sound similar because in some cases both sides are firing off
the same weapons at each from their well-fortified positions. God’s
weapons of spiritual warfare sound different. God’s weapons demolish
earthly arguments – they don’t join them. His weapons pull down the
strongholds of human logic – they are not loaded with the same logic in

Today, assess your spiritual arsenal. Lock and load the
right kind of weapon because the enemy you face is not formed with
flesh and blood and will not be brought down with natural weapons. The
battle is not against what is obvious or visible. This is a conflict
between opposing kingdoms whose power base is sourced in the spirit
realm. Choose the right weapons to engage the conflict and when you are
in the heat of battle never forget this important truth – with God you
will never be outgunned.

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