I was awakened this morning by an image that looked like Stonehenge the ancient place of worship constructed of encircled upright stones near the town of Wiltshire, England. It was not actually Stonehenge I was seeing, but a modern version symbolizing something within the Church. As the image developed, the stones began to melt forming puddles on the ground.

The puddles increased in number and began merging together to form a river. Some of the people in the image had chosen to float with the flow of the river while others became frantic and gripped with fear. The latter were using containers of human logic and intellect in an attempt to collect the water hoping to reconstitute what was known and familiar. This effort quickly proved futile as the intensity of the melting continued, and the river rose gaining in both size and momentum.

As I continued to watch this unusual image the Lord spoke. “I am dissolving the assumptions of my Church. What has been erected in the midst of my people as misguided assumptions about my heart and intent will melt under the intense heat of my passion for all people. I will turn your melting assumptions into a river of revelation that will make known to you what your assumptions could not reveal. For those who have attached sacredness to their assumptions, this will be a challenging season. For those who are willing to let go of their assumptions and step into the flow of fresh revelation, I will spread their influence across the globe with a move of my Spirit that will saturate the Earth with my goodness.”

An assumption is formed when we take an opinion for granted and assume it to be true when it is not. Our assumptions are illusions that can blind us to a more profound truth and reality.

We all live with some form of assumption. In the process of growing and maturing as believers, God will help us shed our assumptions by revealing deeper levels of truth and understanding. This revelation takes place when we return to the original intent of God on a particular issue or discover an aspect of the Kingdom not known or experienced in this generation. The process of shedding our assumptions is never punitive. It is an act of love. It is also how God gets us ready to be used by Him in ways our assumptions could never produce. Melting our assumptions is about removing the barriers that have kept us from seeing and experiencing the glory of God.

“For the earth will be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the LORD, as the waters cover the sea” (Habakkuk 2:14).


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