Money Trails

by | Aug 23, 2021 | Prophetic | 1 comment

Years ago, I worked as an intelligence officer for an organized crime unit. During that assignment, I learned some valuable investigative lessons. Some of those lessons were learned while attending a California Department of Justice training class where I learned the truth about the old phrase “follow the money.” Our ex-CIA and government agent-instructors instilled in us the value of discovering a money trail that if followed would lead to the arrest of individuals who were part of organized crime families. 

Today, if someone were to begin walking back some of the issues involved in what is taking place in our culture regarding hot-button medical and political issues, as they followed those money trails they would discover national and international groups who do not have the interest of freedom in mind.  Of course, as it is with all uncomfortable investigations,  those who limit their response to what has been programmed into their thinking will call such inquiries the stuff of conspiracy theorists.  History has proved that assumption to be foolish.

A trail of unrighteous money, if followed without prejudice and assumption, will end up pointing to the goal of its wealth accumulation – power. Paul warned Timothy of such things when he wrote, “For the love of money is the root of all kinds of evil” (I Timothy 6:10).

Following money trails is not for the faint of heart. It carries a significant risk to life, limb, and existing relationships. In the end, history will prove these investigators to have been right, not as a prideful accomplishment, but as a warning that went unheeded by the naive and ill-informed who failed to realize that all is not as it first appears without attempting further investigation.

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  1. Joseph

    Sir, I get in trouble from others on the team we co lead when I say “I’m just Joey from Cave in Rock Illinois” (a small village of 250 on the Ohio River in a county of only 4000) but as sure as as I knew that Trump would not win and the why Father said ..(I only talked to our team about it) because I hoped he would and worked for it to come to pass….I have, since all recent medical events have been taking place, been constantly hearing hum deep in my spirit, “Money….. the money” and have dismissed it. Frankly, with the medical situation taking place, as an RN, I’ve not had time to pull aside and fully listen to that song of the Spirit, but thank you for confirmation. I’m not into all these conspiracy theories, but I know by the Spirit within me that money and power…. not concern for health of the world and those who live in it,are what game is afoot. Blessings joey


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