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Recently, a friend of mine, Dave Jacobs, wrote a book.  I have known Dave since he moved to Oregon and set up the base for his ministry, Small Church Pastor ( )

Dave is a coach to pastors across the United States and beyond.  I asked Dave to be one of the voices to help me and Living Waters Church prepare for the transition in our leadership that we just completed.  Prior to our transition, Dave and I met regularly for three years.  Dave asked the solid questions that an experienced and compassionate coach would ask. His questions helped us navigate our change in leadership with wisdom and joy.

Last year Dave sent me the manuscript for his book, Mile Wide, Inch Deep.  Dave wanted me to review it and see what I thought.  My first response was, “This sounds like Dave.”  Thankfully this book contains the Dave I know and because of that his wise insight is couched in authenticity. Just reading through the Table of Contents will make you hungry for more.

Dave’s sub-title, “Experiencing God Beyond the Shallows, Soul Care for Busy Pastors and the Rest of Us” says it all.  I would encourage you to purchase a copy of Dave’s book and let God move you from the shallows of your faith into the deeper waters of His presence.

Here is the link to Dave’s book: https://var/web/site/


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