“New Names for a New Season” by Garris Elkins

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For the last few weeks the Lord has been speaking to me and
saying that He is releasing new names for a new season. As I waited and
listened to the Lord, He began to share His heart for His Church.

You are about to
experience a name change. This will not be a change of your given name, but a name
change in the Spirit. I am making this change so you will come into this new season
fully defined for the work I am about to accomplish.

You will also carry with
you new names to pronounce upon those who feel lost in hopelessness and
disillusionment. When you speak these new names new seasons will be released.
Rise up and begin to speak these new names and watch what I am about to do.

Some of you have
allowed natural definitions to define and limit My work in your life. Make an
exchange with Me.  Give Me the old names
attached to defeat and a dreamless life and I will give you new names filled
with hope and the promise of a future.

In this day, I am
doing a name change among my people. As your receive these new names you will
carry them into new territory. Rise up prophets and begin to prophesy new names
to My people. 

         Where fatalism has stolen a future prophesy
the name, “Hopeful One.”

         Where dreamers have stopped dreaming
call them a “Dreamer of God.”

         Where people feel disconnected call
them the “Redeemed of the Lord.”

         Where someone has been forsaken,
declare the name, “Beloved.”

Just as My word
entered the void and formless mass at Creation, so will your words spoken in My
name accomplish the same creative effect when released into those who hear these
words.  The unconnected elements in their
lives will begin to form a new season when they assemble around My word.

Begin to rejoice like
new parents naming a child yet to be born. Prepare to believe and dream again.  Begin to live in the expectation of greater
things. I have given you a new name for a new season to do a new work.”  


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