It will be so easy for some of us to overuse the numerical designation for the coming New Year in a prophetic sense, but the number 2020 is real. It’s on our calendar, and it does mean something. 

This morning, after standing at our living room window and praying into the early morning darkness, I finally sat down to begin writing. As soon as I sat in my chair, I saw a faint image in the Spirit. This was an image similar to what Elijah experienced when he was told the Lord speaks in a still, small voice. I have learned to pay attention to the faint images and quiet sounds of the Spirit.

As soon as I sat down, I began to see an image of people arriving at an ophthalmologist’s office to have their eyes examined. The Lord was the examiner. He was leading them into the office to have their spiritual eyesight adjusted to a 2020 level of discernment. The Lord measured each individual’s quality of sight and prescribed new glasses that would correct their bias, prejudice and unhealthy ways of seeing life to align their vision with how God sees individuals and cultures.

In 2020 a form of spiritual ophthalmology will take place. In the United States, the depth of our division seems at first glance a negative, but in some ways, it is the result of increasing clarity of vision for our nation. G.K, Chesterton, the British theologian and philosopher who lived during the last century, made a profound statement. He said, “Art like morality consists of drawing the line somewhere.” God is adjusting our vision so we will know where to draw lines of definition that will honor the Lord’s original intent in all things. Some of us may begin to see issues in our own lives that will require a greater correction that what we have seen in culture as a dysfunction. This clarity of sight will spare no one, even those of us who think we see this life so clearly. 

The visible theatrics and personas on all sides of important issues have blurred the sight of many who live responding only to the theatrics and personalities of those in the public square. These distractions and their blinding effect keep us from seeing beneath the surface to view with discerning sight what is really taking place in the spiritual realm. This is why we need our vision adjusted.

2020 will be a year of greater clarity and insight as the Spirit works to bring new levels of perception to critical issues that will affect our ability to carry out the Great Commission.


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