Nighttime can be the worst time. This is when hell often speaks the loudest and tries to turn your rest into restlessness. 

Fatigue in life and ministry does not come from a packed schedule. We can be busy but live in rest. In times of transition, our fatigue comes when our minds are filled with unresolved conflict and fear about the future. We lay in bed and cannot turn off the voices of fear that occupy our mind. 

Fatigue takes fear to a dark place. That dark place is where our hope is robbed, and our joy is extinguished. To combat this kind of fatigue, we must resolve to not worry about the future. This is easy to say but challenging to do. We make this resolution in the assurance that God is in our future waiting for us with his love and goodness. His presence in our future is what brings peace to this present moment. 

Take your thoughts prisoner. March them to the feet of Jesus and leave them there. This is your place of rest. 

 (An excerpt from the book, A Good Place)


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