No Longer Have A Heart For It

by | Aug 16, 2020 | Change, Creativity, Discernment, Discipleship | 1 comment

You have been processing a transition taking place in your thinking. The phrase, “I no longer have a heart for it,” is not a negative confession, but a definition of your unfolding reality. Your transition is a work of God. Scripture tells us the Lord will give us the desires of our heart if we are seeking Him and His Kingdom. There are times when the Lord will radically change the desires of our hearts and what holds our attention. This change affects where we will invest our time, energy, and resources. Not everyone will understand. Change can be challenging if it upends a status quo you thought would be your forever place. 


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  1. Arie

    Six weeks ago I was crying out to God that certain Christian /religious things didn't serve me or work for me any more. I also felt very guilty about it because how dare I say certain Christian practices don't work for me any more. Last week I remembered this post. It's OK to let go of stuff that doesn't work anymore😊 and still journey on with God. 😇


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