The prophet Joel spoke of the culmination of time and quoted the Lord, who said, “I will pour out my Spirit upon all people.” The “all people” wording leaves no one out. It will affect believers, non-believers, and those in between. It was an all-inclusive statement. 

This outpouring is not limited to a church gathering, a stadium event, or a conference venue. It casts a much wider net and will impact each sphere of culture and every human relationship. Nothing in all creation is exempt from an outpouring of God’s Spirit.

Perhaps what we see playing out on our video screens is a reaction to an outpouring of the Spirit. When the Spirit moves upon humanity, we will respond from the condition of our hearts. And when the Spirit moves, people can respond by depicting acts of mercy or violence, truth or deception, tenderness, or brutality. Each action can be a response to the Spirit based on what is taking place in our hearts. According to Joel, the men and women who respond rightly to the Spirit will prophesy, dream, and see visions of something better.

In these challenging times, do not be surprised by what you see. The Spirit is moving powerfully upon the face of the earth. Not all responses will be righteous until hearts are changed. You can tell those who have rightly responded to the Spirit’s moving. They will be prophesying, dreaming, and seeing the way forward with hope and an assurance that what God promised He will be faithful to accomplish, even when it seems like life is spiraling out of control.


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