When people experience disaster or trauma
unprepared and suffer a dire consequence, many times that mindset was created
by something called Normalcy Bias. People who experience this bias believe that
because something has never happened to them it will never happen.  They live in the illusion of their bias and
once a disaster or traumatic event takes place they face the dilemma unprepared.
As you trace the history of people who have come under the influence of Normalcy
Bias you will see they failed to interpret the warning signs because of an
overly optimistic view of life.  This bias
is a form of optimism masquerading as faith. In the end, people living under
this bias will put themselves and their loved ones in a greater place of

When Paul was trying to help Timothy deal with the
pressures of his life and ministry he told Timothy, “be prepared in season and
out of season”. He went on to say, “keep your head in all situations”. Paul’s
instruction to Timothy resembles what a Disaster Preparedness instructor would
say to a group of people wanting to learn how to deal with disaster.

We are living in a time of significant cultural change and
increasing threat levels.  In these times, if we are not spiritually prepared, we can become like a
person who naively hides under a small desk during an active shooter incident hoping
bad things will pass them by. We can deny the realities of life, both in the
Spirit and in the natural realm, and allow our bias to determine our
preparation. Instead of victors we become victims.

Today, I hear an appeal from the Spirit for the
Church to come back and rediscover the basics our faith. These basics are things
like the truth of scripture, fellowship, confession and repentance and choosing
to live a life of transparency. In times of high spiritual stress and rapid cultural
change those who remain close to the basics of their faith have a greater
chance of walking out alive. These basics become our survival skills when
nothing is making sense – when a marriage fails or a dream becomes a living
nightmare. In these times our only bias should be a bias toward the goodness of
God in all seasons of life. The basics of faith and a belief in a good God will
keep you anchored to what is sure and safe in a world where nothing seems sure
or safe anymore.


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