Be careful what you assume to be the truth. The most logical and well-crafted lie can be hidden in what you are asked to be-LIE-ve on face value. We need both the Word and the Spirit to comprehend what is true. All truth is not written in the Scripture and yet all that is written in Scripture is true. When Scripture does not specifically spell out in detail the substance of an issue, the Spirit will be faithful to guide you into all truth.

This level of interpretive freedom makes a religious person nervous because everything to them must be predictable and measured and without the uncomfortable surprise of fresh revelation. To those not slavishly bound to an interpretation of truth fed to them by another person, this writer included, they will see this unresolved element of their faith as part of the divine mystery of God that gives our faith life, meaning and the energy of discovery.

We never arrive at a full understanding regarding every subject relating to our faith. We are in a perpetual state of arrival in our ability to comprehend some of these mysteries. This arriving will continue until that day when time is no more and what is true is finally made known in all its fullness. This life of faith is supposed to be an adventure. Enjoy not having every point figured out in great detail. That is the nature of the unfolding love of God.


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