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Years ago, my father and I went ice fishing. It was our first attempt. We gathered our gear and began to walk out on the frozen lake surface and realized the ice was too thin to support our weight. It was winter time and if we fell through the ice we were goners. We slowly turned around and with baby steps, we shuffled our way back to shore and headed for the nearest diner and had breakfast. That experience reminds me of what is taking place today in our world.

For the last several months a prophetic theme has surfaced again and again. That theme is described by one word – assumption. Placing value on an assumption without the discerning wisdom and insight of the Spirit is like walking on thin ice. It cannot support the weight of reality and will eventually give way.

We form faulty assumptions by accepting at face value the sights and sounds offered to us that form our premature and naive assumptions. These assumptions are fortified by our bias and invite us to walk out onto the thin ice of what we assume to be true. These dangerous assumptions are formed when we adopt a micro view of history thinking our immediate position on the timeline of history is absolute and not vulnerable. We miss seeing a larger macro change that is taking place without our knowledge designed to produce radical and unprecedented change and jeopardy.

The word “assume” means to form an opinion without proof to support what we have assumed to be true. For an assumption to be held by large groups of people requires that reasonable illusions must be offered to produce enough “evidence” to support the assumption. If a social engineer wants to steer a culture in a particular direction, well-crafted lies and deceptions must be created that align with our bias to carry an assumption to fruition.

We are walking on very thin ice when we take what is being fed to us at face value without further inquiry. The Spirit has been given to every believer to discern what lies beneath the thin ice of our assumptions. The Spirit indwells each believer, and His presence and power carry the same investigative potential for every believer. What defines wisdom from folly in these Spirit carriers is a willingness to pause long enough to ask the Lord where to look to discover the truth. Once we see beneath the illusions we are being offered we can reverse course and step away from the trap of the thin ice. That revelation will give us the time and opportunity needed to return to the solid shoreline of truth while others continue to march forward unaware of where they are being led.

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  1. David

    “pause long enough to ask the Lord where to look”

    That’s an incredible tool right there. And a timely reminder that we aren’t going to see behind the curtain by virtue of our own wisdom or investigative prowess. Look at how many, church leaders included, have been lead out into the ice by their human discernment!

    And I love the image of having the good sense to turn back and head to a diner. I can remember a few times my dad did the same for me ☺️


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