An Emerging Remnant

by | Nov 1, 2021 | Prophetic | 4 comments

On an early morning walk, I noticed the window signage I captured in the attached photo. It was taken in the window of one of our favorite local restaurants. The owners were trying to let their patrons know they were open for business during the shutdown but were now closed waiting to open for business as usual later in the day.

The two different signs caught my attention because they represent what a confused faith looks like. A confused faith tries to appease the world system while attempting to remain faithful to the Lord and Scripture. It never works. One must yield to the other. A confused faith sends a message to a passerby that we still are unsure about who or what is leading our life. We may have walked down a sanctuary aisle or raised our hand during a salvation invitation, but never settled the issue of Lordship. Salvation offers us the opportunity to enter a relationship with Jesus, but then we have another choice to make regarding our submission to His Lordship. It is a choice we must make each and every day if our faith is to remain alive and active.

One blessing hidden in all the cultural turmoil that is taking place is a clarity emerging within the Church regarding the Lordship of Jesus. How we live, vote, handle our finances and engage in the daily activities of life all reflect who is leading our lives. I think we can overuse phrases like “a remnant.”  But, at this time in our history, I think the phrase might apply to what I see happening. Before the shutdown, the Western Church strolled merrily on its way without much opposition. Lines of clarity became blurred within our ranks because many did what they considered right in their own eyes. A Lordship-less faith seemed acceptable and inclusive. Without the clarity of Lordship, our lives can look like the confused restaurant sign in the photo. Are we open or closed for Kingdom business? Who is Lord of this life?  

What I see taking place is not about drawing another line in the sand based on our personal preferences. I see an emerging remnant rising under the Lordship of Jesus Christ. That remnant will not always be popular in the eyes of the surrounding culture or those within the Church who have yet to settle the issue of Lordship. This emerging remnant will be like Gideon’s army once it was finally defined by the Lord and made ready for battle.


  1. Sarah Bishop

    When all this “junk” came to light on 11/3/20, I heard the scripture: “Stand still and see the salvation of God!”


  2. Martha Talty

    Right on. Thank you, Garris. You and Jan continue to light our paths as followers of the True King, Jesus. Your words ring true in our spirits.

  3. Tammy

    Thank you!
    Your words always bring light in dark places, hope and a reassuring that Christ is always in our midst!

  4. Riekie Dalm

    I love the way you put this. Such wisdom. Never inflammatory. Bless you


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