Our Worship Response to the Great Commission

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God is preparing to release supernaturally-empowered strategies, key relationships, and abundant resources for projects aligned with the Great Commission. Until that alignment takes place through a conscious decision on our part what we attempt to accomplish will remain in the shallow stream of human achievement, limited funding and natural empowerment.

I find it interesting that part of the instruction Jesus gave to His disciples that we call the Great Commission, “Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations” (Matthew 28:19), was made following an introductory note in the text that reads, But the eleven disciples proceeded to Galilee, to the mountain which Jesus had designated” (Matthew 28:16). When they arrived on the mountain and saw Jesus some of the disciples worshipped Jesus and some of them doubted. While I realize Jesus instructed the disciples to go to a physical mountain, the use of the word “mountain” caught my attention.

Every believer has an assignment on one of the 7 mountains of cultural influence – Government, Religion, Education, Economy, Arts & Entertainment, Media and Family. Many believers have yet to understand they have a Great Commission assignment on their mountain and continue to follow the lead of those currently in power on the summits of the 7 mountains who are setting policy and direction for the nation. In that disconnect we lose traction with our mission.

When Jesus reveals Himself and our place in the Great Commission, we have a choice to worship or doubt. Our act of worship will not look or sound like traditional worship in a sanctuary. Our worship will allow our life-assignment to be crafted with the instruction of the Great Commission in mind to “Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations.” That single act of worship will align our life and mission with the will and resources of Heaven.

A Great Awakening is taking place. That awakening will involve individuals and institutions from each of the 7 mountains of culture that brought their plans and projects under the anointing and direction of the Great Commission. Those moving in the flow of this Great Awakening will be led by the Great Commission mandate to disciple nations. Our sights must be set on nations in order to accomplish the command of Jesus while realizing national transformation is accomplished one person at a time. 

When the 7 mountains of culture are being influenced for the glory of God, we will begin to harvest the fruit of the Great Commission. That fruit will be an awakening of individuals to the presence of Jesus at work in their culture. Even then, some will doubt, but many more will worship.


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