Out from the Shadow

by | Mar 22, 2020 | Change, Culture, Discernment | 1 comment

One will come forth and walk in the shadow of another. This shadowed one is the primary, not the secondary. A covert positioning is taking place – a positioning of purpose to determine and steer an agenda contrary to the heart of God. Let discernment rule as you exercise your will. All is not as it appears. The one in the shadow is being positioned to step forward at a predetermined moment to occupy the place of the primary one whose departure will come unexpectedly. All of this will take place under the cover of this painful global diversion. Those who have ears to hear the Spirit, listen. The One who speaks with a still small voice is speaking. His voice will not be heard in the wind, earthquake, or fire of social posturing from either side of a human issue. He speaks from the heavens. His word will not fail.

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  1. morganthepirate

    This is confirmation that what I felt in my spirit weeks ago -about Bidens running mate – was actually from the Lord.


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