Paris – January 15 – All Hands on Deck

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A few months ago, I wrote about seeing an image of the blue helmets of United Nations peacekeeping forces walking the streets of Jerusalem. At that time the image seemed far-fetched. Now it does not seem out of the realm of possibility if the UN becomes the enforcing agency of a resolution that could emerge from the decision made by the 70 nations gathering in Paris on January 15 to divide up the nation of Israel. Many think this is only a political issue or an issue having to do with secular Israel. It has a deeper spiritual implication for Israel and for the nations of the world.

Because of the significance of what will take place in Paris, a call has been issued for the Church to spend extra time in prayer on January 15 to avert any plan of hell that could ignite a conflict with wider implications than just a regional confrontation. None of us have all the facts on any complex issue. In conflicts like these innocent people on both sides are harmed when evil has its way.

The boundary lines of Israel are ancient, not contemporary. A longer view of history is at play than even the politics or decisions made in our lifetime. It is popular in some theological discussions taking place today to redefine many things, including Israel. History does not afford us that casual attitude and God is about to reveal the power of His view of history and His promise to the nation of Israel.

There are times when we need to shift the position of our prayer altar from Earth to Heaven in order to gain a different perspective. As a dual citizen, a believer lives in both realms and can pray from both dimensions. This is one of those times when prayer from our position in Christ seated with Him on His Throne is so important. There is a sense of authority that enters our prayers when we consciously pray from the third heaven into the realms of the first and second heaven.

The unseen realm of the second heaven is where demons and angels battle. From heaven, your prayers move through the second heaven releasing their authority in the second heaven, a place most people, and sadly, many Christians, never consider. What plays out on Earth is a by-product of the spiritual conflicts that take place between Earth and Heaven in the second heaven.

When I wrote the book, Prayers from the Throne of God, I wrote about this kind of prayer. It is composed of three elements – Declarations, Decrees, and Prophecy. When we pray from the throne of God we declare His heart over the situation we are praying about. It is His heart that sets the agenda for our prayers. Second, we decree the victory of Christ over the opposing forces at work trying to come against the heart of God. No weapon formed against the plan of God will succeed because of the victory of Christ in His death and resurrection. And finally, we listen to the Spirit for those real-time prophetic words that will begin to flow in the atmosphere of this kind of prayer. The release of these prophetic words has the ability to literally steer the events taking place on Earth.

Rise to your place at the right hand of the Father in Christ and begin to declare, decree and prophesy over this moment in Israel’s history. So much is at stake that can only be seen by those who see with the eyes of the Spirit. That revelation will become your agenda for prayer.



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