“Poised” by Garris Elkins

by | Nov 11, 2010 | Transition, Verse | 1 comment

Poised and suspended

now attached to what is known, familiar, doable.

A release is coming,

a falling

and a rising up to meet me,

of something new and undefined.

Needing, even wanting, to see the release,

trembling like a water droplet hanging on

clinging amidst the vibration of what is coming

the trembling before the drop

a shaking me free to fall.

Ready to exchange one form for another

that is why it is called a droplet

the drop had to let

the release come in faith and anticipation

of the dropping to become a splash

a change of structure

still wet.

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  1. Anna Elkins

    It's lovely to see your poetry, like the droplet, coming forth. Keep at it. Let it splash!


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