Popping the Bubble of Our Assumptions

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I have had the opportunity to travel to many nations. Each time I returned to the United States, I felt thankful that I lived in a nation that offered opportunity and stability. Maybe, like many, I lived in a bubble of time where rapid, unexpected and culture-altering change on a national level was not considered. Many of us have thought things would always remain the same. That is a dangerous naivety. I have walked the streets of cities in the developing world that were not stable. The citizens of those nations did not have a bubble available to them define to define their reality. 

I used to think rapid change, like the overthrow of a government and widespread revolt in the streets of our nation, like what the first citizens of America experienced during the founding of our nation, would ever be possible. That is the problem with a bubble mindset. It removes all uncomfortable possibilities from consideration. Reality and history can become a rude pinprick that can pop our illusion of a never-ending security.

This morning, I arose to a sense that we have entered uncharted waters as a nation. Prophetically, I sense unexpected change is on the horizon. I heard the words, “take over”, “rapid change” and “unprecedented events” as definitions that will be used to describe what is coming. Some will herald the change as needed and timely and submit to any and all proposals. Others will see it as an overthrow of something they consider righteous and sacred. Those in between will wait to see which way the tide turns and follow that change without offering a challenge.

The biblical record of Israel’s history reveals the breadth of human interaction that can take place in times of unprecedented change on a national level. It would be wise for all of us to re-study the narratives of Scripture to see how the Godly and righteous navigated seasons of rapid and sometimes violent cultural change. 

Only one thing remains the same, yesterday, today and forever and He is not a thing, He is a person, Jesus Christ. When change begins to unfold around you at a dizzying pace, and you feel overwhelmed, never forget that you have an unchanging refuge in Jesus no matter what kind of turmoil and upheaval may be surrounding your life. He will be your place of security.

“God is our refuge and strength, A very present help in trouble” (Psalms 46:1).


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