Portion Control

by | Nov 14, 2020 | Prophetic | 0 comments

This is a time to become lean in our faith. Many things are being offered on the plate of our lives. If these things are not portion-controlled, they will add layers of confusion and inhibit our ability to move at the speed of faith.

Yesterday, as Jan and I were praying during our time of daily communion, the Lord spoke a single word. He said, “portion.” Like many words from the Lord, they can be very simple and undeveloped until embraced. When we engaged the word “portion” in prayer, a more in-depth understanding was revealed.

With all the social influences taking place – an unresolved election, the fear of COVID-19, and another series of lockdowns, people can begin to feed their distress in ways that are not healthy. This is not just regarding the undisciplined intact of food and drink. It involves all forms of intake, including emotional, psychological, and spiritual.

The Lord is calling His people to exercise portion control of all things so that His voice, not outside influences, will direct our thinking and our lives. Just as a physical fast clears the mind to hear the Lord with greater clarity, so does the effect of portion control for all we allow to enter our body, mind, and soul. 

The next two months are a critical moment in history that will pass us by if we do not engage the spiritual realities now on the table before us by exercising the wisdom of portion control. 


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