Possessing After Pursuing

by | Jul 29, 2014 | Deliverance, Faith, Hope, Kingdom, Miracles, Trust | 0 comments

You are coming to a moment in time when what you have pursued will be overtaken. This has been a dream that has always been out in front of you – just out of reach, but now you will take hold of it. 

Your coming circumstance will be like that of the children of Israel who walked in hope for so many years and then finally arrived in the Promised Land. Upon their arrival they needed to make a transition from being a pursuer to becoming a possessor.

When a promise becomes a reality there are three things you will need to do to fully possess and experience it’s goodness. There will be enemy encampments waiting to rob you of what has been promised. These encampments are driven out by exposure to the light of God’s truth. Your promise will need to be governed. This government is installed when you choose to eat the fruit of self-control instead of personal demands. And finally, you will need to create a nurturing environment where the Spirit is free to speak words of comfort and encouragement when the promise is challenged by internal doubt or outward opposition. In the end you will find out that possessing the promise is more challenging than its pursuit, but once you taste of its goodness it will be far more rewarding.


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