God is calling forth precision prayer warriors who will move past generic prayers to very specific forms of prayer that God will use to turn the course of significant spiritual battles. Many of these individuals will be so removed from the actual conflict they will not be detected or even considered to have been part of the battle. There is no such thing as distance in prayer because prayer flows from the realm of the Spirit through a believer and then enters our world by faith to engage a particular target. 

The General Accounting Office (GAO) reports that each year, soldiers in combat are firing 1.8 billion rounds of small arms ammunition – that is a billion with a “b.” One statistic indicates that 250,000 rounds have been fired for each combatant killed in Iraq and Afghanistan. There is a difference between soldiers involved in a hot and mobile firefight and a sniper pressing the trigger once from an extreme distance. Both have their place. They are simply a different application. We have expended a great deal of prayer that has been generic. God is calling forth a special kind of prayer that will strike the enemy with a new level of precision on a global scale.

This precision prayer will come by specific and time-sensitive revelation from the Spirit to be released with the precision and calculation of a military sniper. Dark agendas that are active and confidently at work in secret will be fired upon by intercessors from great physical distances. These individuals have learned how to acquire a strategic target while being led by the Spirit as a prophet would hear a word from God.

Those who pray with this level of precision will not give away their location through pride and self-advertisement after the object of their prayer has been taken out by a well-placed shot of prayer. They will simply slip away and reposition themselves for the next engagement as led by the Spirit.


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