Preparing to Relaunch

by | Nov 28, 2021 | Prophetic | 3 comments

It was an unusual image that came to me while taking communion. I saw a large bird perched on a limb within a tree. The bird compressed its legs in preparation to launch at the same time unfurling its wings to catch the first lift of air. At the moment when it appeared like the bird would rise from the limb, I looked down and saw that its feet had been tied to the tree branch. The first attempt to launch failed. The bird recomposed itself and took its position back on the limb while its feet still remained shackled to the tree. It was a struggle to get repositioned. The bird tried to fly again and this time as its wings moved the restraints were broken, and the bird flew away.

For those to whom this word would apply, you have done all you could to prepare for your launch. Your faith was strong, and you positioned yourself according to the leading of the Lord. All the prep work was done, and you were ready, but the first attempt failed. It was impossible to imagine that scenario of failure, but it happened.

Reposition yourself and gather your faith for a relaunch. While it seems as though your feet are still tied to the tree limb as before, this time something different will take place. A miraculous intervention from God will occur cutting what tied you to the failure of the past. When success takes place, it will not be the testimony of your knowledge or detailed preparation that will shine through. It will be the intervention of the Lord that will build your faith and the faith of those who witnessed the flight of your success – a success that came because God is always faithful to perform what He promised.


  1. Angela Kerns

    Oh that this were true in the marriages of my two daughters. So hard seeing them tied to the limb and unable to fly as God would intend for them to fly.

  2. Jamie


    Yesterday, while reading through a devotional, God highlighted an illustration of a dove in flight. I questioned why use such and awkward pose to illustrate the flight of the bird? It was a dove “in launch”. Legs on the ground, body extended, wings above its head. And the picture did no justice to the article

    Lol, that picture was like fiberglass under my skin, an itch I couldn’t relieve all day long..

    I even woke up today thinking about the article the ilustration framed!!!!

    I’ve struggled with writing. I had a blog set up and ready to launch years ago…years…

    As I would go about my day God would highlight something that crossed my path, and my curiosity to understand what he was showing me would lead to these amazing word studies…

    But then half way through writing… his presence would lift. I couldn’t write anymore.

    It became very frustrating. Over and over and over again… he would show me something, I would study it…and have this amazing half written piece…and his presence would lift.

    I went through this for years. Finally I gave up, and stopped writing altogether. I was beyond discouraged.

    Recently I’ve felt the nudge to go look at the website and tinker with it. I let myself feel excited for a day or two…lol… but then i got miffed. I had a long conversation with God on his timing and not wanting to write or build things if it wasn’t his timing. Because I didn’t want to go thru that failure cycle again, if I didn’t have to. If God really wanted me to launch the idea I had, and write again, I needed massive confirmation.

    I’ve read your blog for years Garris. I enjoy your writing style and hearing your God given practical wisdom on life matters.

    And because, in the beggining, thats how God spoke to me…and how my writings would pour out. I would have a life moment, or something in my dialy life would be “highlighted” to me and God would pour out this amazing lesson…

    That’s I’d try to write out and share…but would get stopped mid piece.

    I love to teach and interact with people. I’m passionate about building up individuals and cities. And their was a launch and a failure there also…

    I still feel tied… I and I know it is an act of faith to take a preflight posture… I’m not sure I have it in me to make the first motion.

    The failures hurt deeply. And I rhueminated in a nasty stew of people conversations and internal conversations that I wasn’t called out to do what I had felt so passionate about.

    So I write this with tears streaming down my face knowing I need to go talk to Him about this flight path one more time…

    Thank you Garris.

    Much love in Christ

    • Riekie Dalm

      Just one more time Jamie!!
      The world needs you. Bless you!
      HE will do it.


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