Pressing Through the Stall of a Promise

by | Jan 21, 2021 | Prophetic | 0 comments

I have been smoking meat for years. It is my favorite kind of BBQ. There is something unique about a quality piece of meat slowly smoking for hours under the influence of hickory that is not possible with a backyard propane BBQ unit.

When you smoke meat for a long time, say 8-12 hours, you will experience something called “the stall.” This happens when the internal temperature of the meat gets to about 150-170 degrees. A stall can last for a few hours as excess moisture evaporates. It can cool the internal temperature of the meat causing an inexperienced cook to fear something is wrong.  Those familiar with the science of smoking meat will give the process a bit more time. The extra time will allow the meat to press through the stall and climb to a preferred temperature of 200-205 degrees where the meat becomes fall-apart tender. Pressing past the stall can turn a tough piece of meat into a BBQ work of art.

My smoker has taught me a few spiritual truths. Some things God has promised can seem to stall and go nowhere. When our faith is young and untested, we can prematurely pull a promise off the grill of our faith during what appears to be a stalling season and wonder why the promise did not mature and become digestible as God intended. What God wants us to discover in the process is that patience is required to experience the fulfillment of a promise.

Most works of the Spirit are not quick. They process over time for a variety of reasons. Each promise will enter a stalling season where we begin to think it may never come to pass. If we are able to wait in a trusting and active faith, God will present us with a fulfillment so unique and spiritually delicious that it will amaze us. It will also amaze those who sit at the table of our faith and partake of a promise made ready over time by the faithful hand of God.


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