I was listening to a YouTube video of an old rocker (Peter Frampton) to see if I wanted to invest the money in a concert he is doing this summer. As I listened to some of his old familiar songs, I was transported back in emotional time. I could feel the rumble of the engine of my 69 VW Bug under my seat and hear the music from my 8-track tape player filling the car with the sounds of my youth. I was taken back to certain moments and relationships now long gone. That is the power of memory.

These memory triggers, like the sound of a favorite song, a taste or a smell, can produce a variety of emotions. Many times the Spirit will use a memory to remind us of something we need to deal with that we parked in time hoping it would go away. At others times, like when I listened to the YouTube video of Frampton’s performance, I was reminded of how far God has brought me in His great love and patience.

Today, embrace each memory that comes, the joyful ones and the painful ones alike. In each memory, a revelation from God awaits your visit. Unpack the content of each memory. Enjoy the joy of recollection if the memory is happy and healthy. If the memory is painful and filled with sorrow, put any lie, fear or regret associated with that memory immediately in the gracious hands of God. Only there can a memory, whether one of joy or pain, find a proper and healthy perspective in the history of your life.


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