Prophetic Echo Chambers

by | Jul 4, 2021 | Prophetic | 1 comment

It’s easy to live within a prophetic echo chamber. These echo chambers are where familiar language, imagery, and modes of presentation are valued so highly they become the means through which we discern the content of a prophetic word.

Some elements within the prophetic movement can come across as garish, over-stated, and off-putting. Their advertisement and delivery can resemble a billboard placed along a roadway hoping to catch our limited attention.

To those who value this way of conducting and advertising prophetic ministry, mentioning such a thing can become an offense. In some rare cases, any challenge to the echo chamber mentality is seen as a work of the enemy. Upon a closer and more measured approach, it becomes a needed adjustment, not to the message itself, but to the presentation of prophetic truth.

These adjustments will open the door to a wider audience whom the Lord wants to reach with words of prophetic hope, not just those who live with us inside the small enclosure of our preferred echo chamber.

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  1. Jimbo Moyer

    It is so easy to become caught up or even offended by style rather than focussed on substance. Scripture teaches us that God looks upon the heart. How good to look upon the heart of a matter, rather than be distracted by style alone. It takes true Godly discernment.


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